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Paul : DG Business Development
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DG Business Development

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Paris — 71ans

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Je dirige une société de conseil avec objectif d'améliorer le vente de nos clients en professional services.  Il s'agit des solutions pour le vente des 'complex services'.


71 ans


DG Business Development Paul

Expériences professionnelles


Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition
Independent Consultant

Jan 2017 - aujourd'hui


I provide business development, executive leadership, recruitment, and strategy support for international organisations. My clients include the purchaser of my company Matchpoint Careers, as well as companies in Europe and the US.

Matchpoint Careers, Inc.

Jan 2010 - Jan 2017

New York

Matchpoint Careers, which I created, was an internet-based venture-backed firm matching people and jobs based on factors known to predict performance in the workplace. Primary markets were universities, corporate employers, job boards and recruiters. Matchpoint was acquired at the end of 2016 by Zapoint.

Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition
Independent Advisor

Jan 2007 - Déc 2009

Paris and London

I provided general management, strategic counsel and business development support to corporate clients. For example, I helped a learning management firm, Quistor, establish in France; and I advised the €150 million HR professional services company BPI Group on international business development and strategy.

DBM, Inc. - Paris (75000)
President, DBM Europe

Jan 2005 - Jan 2007

London, Geneva

DBM was one of the world leaders in outplacement, coaching and career transition services for corporate clients. DBM had revenues of $200 million worldwide (including affiliates) and 150 locations in 50 countries. I was responsible for $100 million revenue in Europe, including affiliates, with 60 offices in 22 countries and about 800 employees. I left after a change in strategic direction; DBM is now owned by Adecco and merged with LHH.

  • Grew revenues in Europe, while globally DBM was shrinking, by increasing time devoted to corporate buyers, launching an intensive cross-border sales coordination program and a sales tracking system, and by creating and implementing a new Proposals Guide that won every bid where it was used

  • Built strong management team, including hiring two new country managers and a European sales director; increased team cohesiveness and performance; created a renewed environment of collegiality and shared objectives

  • Brought in new affiliate organisations in Scandinavia, Spain, and Romania, and retained affiliates threatening to leave in Germany, Portugal, Poland and Ireland

  • Led DBM Switzerland, as well as Europe, during one year of intense transition

  • Led creation of 15 thought leadership publications and new transition products used globally to strengthen the firm’s credibility as transitions management experts

  • Gave an average of eight presentations per year on the topics of transition management and career development at conferences and in-company meetings

I to I LLC and I to I Ltd
Managing Director

Jan 2004 - Avr 2004

New York and London

Through I to I LLC and I to I Limited, my own companies, I managed marketing and business development for corporate clients. In this business model I became 'outsourced chief marketing officer' for my clients. After a successful first year, with clients in the UK and the US, I was recruited to run DBM in Europe.

SHL plc

Jan 2002 - Déc 2003


SHL is an international human capital management firm, the world leader in psychometric products and associated services that support clients' recruitment and talent development needs. SHL's global revenues in 2003 were £75 million. As Interim Regional President I led SHL Asia-Pacific, then comprising eight countries with £10 million in revenues and 80 employees. I was a member of the global SHL Executive Committee.

  • Developed new business strategies for the firm in China and India, based on specific product support for call centres and manager training, and via local partnerships

  • Restructured the SHL regional leadership team, hiring two new country managers and creating a more cohesive, motivated top team; re-established sound interaction and respect with the Board

  • Started negotiations for joint ventures in China

Hay Group, Inc.
Vice President, Global E-Business - Vice President, Global Marketing

Jan 2000 - Déc 2001


  • As Head of global e-business, extended the company’s offerings and reach through web-based products – such as TransformingLearning, WorkValue and on-line job evaluation and pricing

  • Developed a new strategy for Hay’s global e-business focused on HR outsourcing and e-learning products, and negotiated partnerships with expert firms in these areas

  • Developed a new strategy for the leadership development and organisational effectiveness practice of the firm, with greater concentration on fewer products and services and increased focus on a small number of key account

  • created a strong, high-performance culture of cooperative actions and shared ambition

  • As Head of global marketing, strengthened the Hay brand worldwide and upgraded marketing programs throughout the company

  • Worked with Hay’s global practice leaders to create coherent, consistent approaches to business development in areas – such as Engaged Performance, Retention, and Effective Top Teams – where Hay’s expertise offered greatest value to clients

  • Helped Hay Insight – the firm’s employee and customer attitude survey practice – achieve the best revenue and profit growth across the firm by establishing positioning and business development programs that emphasised the practice’s thought leadership

  • For all practices, created high quality Working Papers, generating interest from the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and elsewhere

  • Led marketing staff at headquarters and at offices worldwide

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Director of Marketing

Jan 1995 - Jan 2000

Brussels and Boston

BCG is one of the world's leading strategy consulting firms. At the time, revenues were $700 million with 4000 employees and 50 offices worldwide. I led a marketing staff of 20. I left when recruited into Hay Group, with the potential of leading the firm.

  • Launched first ever professional marketing within BCG, working with partners to create world class marketing programs; led marketing staff worldwide

  • Working with the firm’s Marketing Committee, composed of ten client service partners and me, created a seven-volume Marketing Framework that established the strategy, policies, and programs for marketing the firm worldwide

  • Created partner development program in relationship building and creativity that is today still the largest and most popular partner development program in BCG

  • Developed new and innovative approaches for BCG recruitment programs, leading to great success in attracting and hiring the best candidates; BCG was recognized as outstanding in recruitment by Fortune and Universum surveys of graduate students

  • Created and implemented a proprietary new model for BCG business conferences, with increased quality and success as measured in terms of percent acceptances to conference invitations, participant ratings, and follow-on relationships

  • Redefined the marketing mix by emphasising in-depth expertise and studies as opposed to short opinion pieces, and reintroduced business books; promoted the highly successful book 'Blown to Bits', published by Harvard Business School Press

  • Launched first BCG site on the world wide web, within four months and on budget

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
Vice President, Marketing

Jan 1990 - Jan 1995

Europe, London and Brussels

CSC is one of the world's largest IT products and services firms. In 1990-95, global revenues grew from $1 billion to over $2 billion, and the business focus was re-engineering, application products, systems integration, consulting, and outsourcing. CSC Europe revenues grow from $200 million to over $800 million during this period. My marketing staff numbered about 15 people.

  • Built a strong brand via multiple marketing channels: designed and delivered marketing strategies, thought leadership campaigns, media targeting and high visibility events for all business units; led all marketing staff

  • As member of CSC Europe Executive Team, responsible for integration of new acquisitions in France, Germany and the UK, and for integration of new outsourcing teams; the BAe outsourcing contract, won at this time, was worth $1.5 billion

  • Promoted the CSC-originated 're-engineering' concept

  • Created 'CSC Europe Exchange', a client event run today globally as CSC Exchange

Chief Executive Officer, CSC France (April 1992 to October 1993) Paris

CSC France was created from acquisitions. The core businesses were project and contract IT services and application products. When I took over in 1992, the company had 170 million francs ($35 million) in revenue, 300 employees, and was in crisis.

  • Led turnaround, through a combination of extensive cost cutting and intensive client relationship programs, greatly reducing financial losses of the company

  • Renewed a business line by launching a successful new software product

  • Integrated four diverse, disparate units into a single, successful operating entity

  • Rejuvenated a nearly dysfunctional sales organisation; hired a new Sales Director, ran sales training programs, set targets and met them; created shared purpose and cooperative work among top team

  • Put together multinational teams enabling CSC France to bid on large $10 million to $20 million systems integration projects – unprecedented for the company at the time

International Institute for Management Development (IMD) & International Management Institute (IMI)
Deputy Director General and Director, BA and Corporate Relations

Jan 1986 - Jan 1990

Lausanne and Geneva

The Institute delivers management education and executive development for companies worldwide. IMD was created in 1990 from the merger of IMI and IMEDE - each institute with about $12 million in annual revenue and 75 employees. Today IMD is ranked among the top schools worldwide for executive education.

  • Responsible for marketing, business development and corporate relationships

  • Managed and grew by 40% the Business Associates Program, the primary corporate sponsorship (fundraising) and partnership program for the Institute

  • Expanded client relationships worldwide and clients’ use of both open programs and custom programs

  • Served on merger task force as IMI and IMEDE joined to create IMD

  • Responsible for day-to-day operations and P&L of IMI in its final year; managed all IMI non-academic staff

International Energy Development Corporation (IEDC) S.A.
Member of the Management Committee and General Manager

Jan 1980 - Jan 1986


IEDConsultants S.A

IEDC was a start-up, created by Maurice Strong in the wake of the two oil shocks of the 1970s to help developing countries develop their own petroleum resources.

  • Joined at inception, hired staff, wrote plans and budgets, led strategic planning and business development, and helped build a multimillion dollar international company

  • Assessed economics of oil exploration investments for projects from Angola to China

Subcommittee on Energy and Power, US House of Representatives
Professional staff member

Jan 1979 - Jan 1980

Washington, DC

This subcommittee handled all energy legislation in the US Congress. I advised the Chairman on complex and contentious economic and policy issues, prepared Congressional hearings, and created a renewable energy policy analysis tool for Congressmen.

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Assistant Leader, Energy Systems Program

Jan 1977 - Jan 1979

Laxenburg, Austria

IIASA was created by the US and USSR in 1972 as a product of détente, to examine shared policy and technology issues. Members were 17 national academies of science from East and West. I was deputy head of the largest research project at the Institute, where I headed a multinational, East-West research team of about 12 scientists.

  • Negotiated the first release of Soviet national energy data outside the USSR

  • Produced successful book on global energy and lectured widely on the study

Workshop on Alternative Energy Strategies (WAES)
Program Officer

Jan 1975 - Jan 1977

Cambridge, MA

WAES was a three-year energy policy project where 75 business and government leaders from fifteen countries came together to find long-term solutions to the energy crisis of the 1970s. I worked at the Workshop's headquarters, at MIT Sloan School of Management.

  • Led global energy analyses; coordinated 13 national studies

  • Wrote one-third of the final report, which sold 150,000 copies in 6 languages

  • Achieved extensive media coverage for the report, including NBC, CBS, and ABC TV news in the US, and in most major newspapers and journals on three continents

U.S. Air Force Avionics Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB

Jan 1972 - Déc 1974

Dayton, OH



1970     Princeton University - BSE Aerospace Engineering

1972     MIT - MS Aeronautics and Astronautics

1975     MIT Sloan School of Management - MS Management



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